Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NOON CARTOON: A Paul Krugman Template

Ripped off wholesale from the Economics of Contempt blog:
A Paul Krugman Post [Template]
I'm troubled by this statement from Obama:
"[Insert extremely broad, generic presidential statement about the economy.]"In effect, what Obama is saying is: [insert Ridiculous Proposition, completely unrelated to above statement by Obama].
Let me explain why this is so ridiculous: [insert brutal, utterly devastating takedown of Ridiculous Proposition].
Of course, this completely vindicates me, because I said a long time ago that [insert warning about Ridiculous Proposition from the 2008 primaries or early 2009].
Go check out the Economics of Contempt blog—highly recommended.

[Sorry, E. of C.: There was simply no way to partically quote your wonderful post.]

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  1. Krugman is an asshole. Can they take back his "Nobel Prize"?


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