Sunday, January 30, 2011

On Egypt Crisis: Ignore U.S. Mainstream Media—Go to Al-Jazeera for Real News

The Hourly G is not affiliated with al-Jazeera in any way—which is why we can endorse it with a clear conscience:

Al-Jazeera is the only news source worth following during the unfolding Egyptian crisis. The internet live-stream for al-Jazeera English is here.

As others have pointed out, U.S. mainstream media is painting the Egyptian Crisis as something it is not: It is not a foreign instigated crisis, it is not an “Islamist revolution”, it is not a “violent uprising”. Of course, non-Egyptians are taking advantage of the situation to advance their various agendas, religious Muslim groups are also taking advantage of the social unrest, and there has been sporadic looting, compete with cars set on fire—but none of these have been the dominant tenor of the unfolding crisis, which is more a reaction to the corruption in the Mubarak regime than anything else. And a fairly non-violent reaction at that, considering how deep the resentment of the general populace clearly is.

However, it seems increasingly clear that the U.S. media is intent on painting the Egyptian crisis as a “threat”, creating the impression that the corrupt Mubarek regime is worth supporting as the lesser of two evils: The other evil being, of course, “Muslim fundamentalists”.

Only al-Jazeera is reporting from the ground, with some semblance of objectivity, and giving context to what is actually going on. U.S. mainstream media is more propaganda for U.S. intervention than anything else.

Do note that the vast majority of U.S. cable customers cannot receive al-Jazeera, as it was essentially boycotted for being a “voice of the terrorists”, rather than what it actually is—an objective (and uniquely knowledgeable) source of news about the Middle East.

The Hourly G invites you to boycott U.S. mainstream reporting of the Egyptian crisis, and get your news from al-Jazeera, as well as the UK Telegraph, Der Spiegel, and other non-U.S. news agencies.

We are confident that, when the Internet Kill Switch legislation is finally passed, The Hourly G will be shut down for having endorsed al-Jazeera, and having dared suggest non-U.S. mainstream media is not reporting the truth.


  1. I have been watching CNN coverage, and it has been objective and fair.

    Interesting to note that the Vice President stated that Mubarak is not a dictator, link here:


    INTERVIEWER: The word -- the word to describe the leadership of Mubarak and Egypt and also in Tunisia before was dictator. Should Mubarak be seen as a dictator?

    JOE BIDEN: Look, Mubarak has been an ally of ours in a number of things and he's been very responsible on, relative to geopolitical interests in the region: Middle East peace efforts, the actions Egypt has taken relative to normalizing the relationship with Israel.

    And I think that it would be -- I would not refer to him as a dictator.

    So Biden, how could you describe Mubarak?

    Truth is that the USA supported Mubarak for many years because it suited there agenda, now the people who have been victimised for decades are finally saying enough is enough.

    And yes the USA are worried that Muslim fundamentalists taking over Egypt, as the USA has enough to worry about with the Wars in others Muslim countries.

    As they say: We sow what we reap..

  2. Overstated, G. MSM not totally in the tank, but I understand what you are getting at.

  3. I think it is a distinction without a difference to say that the Egyptian uprising is one of the people and not of outside interests and muslim extremists. The Egyptian people may be sincere by they will be played just as all usefull idiots are played.

  4. Max said:

    We know there is no danger of the Egyptian popular uprising resulting in the installation of an Islamist government because:

    a) Most of the demonstrators, although Islamic, are secularists.
    b) The Muslim Brotherhood was slow to instruct its members to participate in the demonstrations.
    c) There is not central, charismatic Islamic figure to serve as a focus for an Islamist revolution, as there was for example in Iran.
    d) all of the above.
    e) both "a" and "b" but not "c".
    f) both "a" and "c" but not "b".
    g) both "b" and "c" but not "a".

  5. We have not incresaed the Aid over 30 years. $2 billion was a big sum of money 30 years ago when oil was cheap.

  6. US needs to increase its Aid budget many times over to keep the status quo. population of egypt has doubled in 30 years. Doller buys less then it used to 30 yeaars ago. Ether us increase aid budget 5 or 6 times or start reacting to the situations


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