Sunday, January 16, 2011

Questions for This Week’s Ten PM Tutorial?

As a regular feature, every Sunday evening, there’ll be a post where people can leave questions for the upcoming week’s Ten PM Tutorial.

Any question you’d like answered—or any question that wasn’t answered last week—leave it here, and it will be answered.

Remember: No question is too basic.


  1. Gonzalo -

    Not really a question, but I'd like to know how a Treasury auction operates. How does it differ, if it does, from another central bank debt auction?

  2. What is actually happening when the Fed redeems a bond that they recently auctioned off? Please explain the money trail?

  3. OK, what does bond pricing mean? I see bond prices quoted as "118 ^ 25", and I have no idea what that means - Can you explain?


  4. GL,
    I hear news that some states are minting their own coins (small gold ones). I hear another state wants to create their own money because of fears of a monetary collaspe, but this state's Governor says it is unconstitutional. How come some states can mint money (gold) and others say it is unconstitutional? Sorry I do not remember which specific States I am referring to. Is it really unconstitional for a State to have its own money, especially if it were to be created from gold or silver? (In the old days around here, town tokens were common).

    Thanks, Tess of Kansas
    P.S. If you have to overlook my questions, I understand. I am sort of famous for having a lot of them.

  5. Any inkling as to how the government would treat precious metal currency in your estate? Specifically, I am regarding valuations as two vastly different and valid values exist. The face value is stamped on the currency and can be realized by taking a dime or silver dollar into a bank and requesting change - they would offer face value and no more. Spot pricing of the PM housed within such coin could be realized by taking to a jeweller or coin shop. They would ignore the face value and offer spot or close to this. This wrinkle in values could be very lucrative, needless to say...

  6. what is your opinion about VietNam and Its' economic future ? Since its right next to China will it benefit from the rise of Beijing's power or being conquered politically ?

    Sorry my English is not that good...

  7. During a currency devaluation,do house prices remain the same? For instance,if the government devalued the dollar by 50%,would houses double in price at the same time?

  8. I don't have acsess to gold bars or silver bars what currency I should buy
    I have choise between dollar( dead) euro(dead) only other option is the swiss franc
    Is it a good thing to buy
    Btw i live in the balcans macedonia

  9. I don't understand why we should be trying so hard to debase the dollar. I recognize the fact that our exports become more competitvely priced. But since manufacturing only represents approximately 12% of the U.S. economy, shouldn't we be more concerned about the price of our consumptive imports? I would think that if we import one dollar more than we export, we should want a strong dollar. If China lets the yuan rise in value, we pay more at WalMart. And if OPEC gets tired of our money printing act, the cost of our energy skyrockets. Your Thoughts

  10. What is a Fed POMO day and how does it work? I see it used in the context of the Federal Reserve meddling in the equities markets. Thanks.


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