Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Movie Wrap-Up: “Green Hornet” Soft, “The Dilemma” Dies

So for the MLK weekend, the two big openings—Seth Rogen’s action-comedy The Green Hornet and the Ron (Apollo 13, The DaVince Code) Howard’s The Dilemma—both did horrible business.

Shoulda called it “D.O.A.”
TGH did about $40 million for the four-day weekend, even though it had 3-D—and therefore those inflated 3-D prices. Seth Rogen won’t be invited back to the action-genre table—this was his shot at the big-time, and it came up a blank, as The Green Hornet cost upwards of $150 million—before marketing

But The Dilemma? That was dead on arrival, delivering a $20 million opening weekend in North America—which is so surprising it’s nearly shocking, considering it was headlined by Vince Vaughn and Kevin James, both of whom have been on winning streaks as of late, consistently delivering $30–$40 million opening weekends on their last five movies.

Just like last weekend, though True Grit rumbled along for a $13 million weekend, to a cumulative of $148 million. This will be Jeff Bridges highest grossing headliner movie ever (he played the villain in Iron Man, where Robert Downey, jr., was the draw)—nice! Oscar, then mullah.

Final numbers come out in the evening—will update as they come out.

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