Monday, January 10, 2011

Facebook Worth More Than Boeing? Goldman’s Shadow Equity Market Wants to Kill Price Discovery

Everyone’s talking about Goldman Sachs’ purchase of $500 million in Facebook stock, valuing the company at $50 billion—roughly the size of Boeing Aircraft.

“Remember: Holy water, a cross,
then a stake through the heart.”
Well then: Is Facebook worth $50 billion?

We’ll never know—and Goldman wants to keep it that way: The whole point of a regulated stock market is so that market participants can accurately determine the price of a stock. So far, Facebook remains stubbornly private.

(To those who claim that Facebook is not going public in order to save itself a raft of SEC filings and regulatory hurdles: With 500 investors or more, a private company has to essentially go through all the rigamarole that a public company has to. So that argument is invalid.)

But Goldman—by fomenting a shadow equities market—clearly doesn’t want that price discovery to happen insofar as Facebook is concerned. If it did—or at least if it didn’t mind—then Goldman wouldn’t be aggressively marketing its shares to its customers.

That’s the tip-off:

Goldman is marketing these shares to its client base. In fact, Goldman Sachs is doing the ol’ Madoff Hard-to-Get Two-Step: “No no no! I don’t want your money! Honest! I don’t! Well, if you insist . . . then I’ll let you in on this deal—but just this one time!”

(In case the fuckers at Goldman Sachs claim I’m libelling them by comparing them to Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme: Yes, I am saying they’re involved in a Ponzi Scheme—but I’m not saying they are doing anything illegal. GS minions are far too smart to break the law—they only rape the law, and sodomize its spirit.)

Since they’re doing the Madoff Two-Step with their clients, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that Goldman for a fact knows that Facebook is worth a lot less than $50 billion. Hence, Goldman is laying off the stock on the suckers of the market—once again. And they do not want price discovery that a bona fide equities market would provide.

Hence, these private sales of Facebook stock.

Proof that this is a legalized scam to milk and bilk their clients? If Goldman thought Facebook was worth so much, you think they’d be selling off any of that sweet-sweet stock?


  1. Alright Gonzalo. I have to admit, I was against the idea of your shorter more frequent posts, but I'm liking this blog.

  2. Correct! On the mark !...........some poor suckers are gonna hurt real bad from those deals, and it aint gonna be Goldilocks!

    If, and a bif IF , ALL the Facebook shares were plonked on the market, then we would have a realisitic market valuation and this would not be in the dizzy heights manipulated by Goldilocks.

    Market obfuscation , no more no less and the toothless dog S.E.C. incapable of doing anything about it.

    Now, if you or I trid the same stunt with a OTC Penny Stock , the S.E.C. would be all over us and spend no end of time and money to punish us.

  3. Facebook more valuable than Boeing?

    Sure, why not.

  4. If FB is worth $50B then my wife is a virgin and I am one of the wise men.


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