Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NOON CARTOON: Jeffrey Sachs Interview

A really fascinating interview with Jeffrey Sachs, who basically says what everyone knows, but which the mainstream media does not report: That both the Democrats and the Republicans are in the back pockets of the wealthy, who are essentially forcing both parties to cut government until there is nothing left, rather than raise taxes.

The video can’t be embedded, so go here to see it. The picture below is just a picture of Sachs.


  1. Flanked on the right by absurd ideas that will take apart the country.

    Hummm... This guy has no idea the hell that's going to break lose when the hyperinflation get here. Firstly, all hell breaks loose everywhere. As a follow on act, everyone's pension and ssc is wiped out.

    All those pension contracts are for X dollars per week. Sure you get X dollars, like promised, but it won't buy you anything.

    So, my fine sir, the country as we know it is going to be 'taken apart' anyhow.

    Oh, and he has a book. The End of Poverty.

  2. Hahahahahahahaha . . . forcing both parties to cut government until there is nothing left, rather than raise taxes . . . if only that were true! I'm sorry, did I miss where the Community Organizer in Chief converted to the Tea Party?

    Sachs is another worthless court economist. Nothing more, quite a bit less.

  3. Cut government? The proposed deficit is 1.6 trillion this year, right? Borrowing 1.6 trillion is not cutting.

    The only choices are to raise taxes, borrow more, spend less, or some combination of the three. Oh, sorry, forgot one--inflate the currency.

    Raising taxes in a significant way would cause capital to flee and the already fragile economy to slow. Reducing spending is very painful and nobody seems to want to do anything significant there. Borrowing is easier, but our card is almost maxed out.

    That just leaves inflation. Inflation seems to be pretty easy to get away with, and the freshly minted dollars pay the bills nicely. Inflation also lowers the value of the dollar, making American goods more attractive overseas, and reduces the enormous private debt burden.

    There will be plenty of losers under inflation, but many of them will not realize it until it's too late. Trouble is, inflation may be the only political solution we can all "agree" on, since it is happening while we all argue about who is going to eat the losses from this economic disaster.

    So I agree with Lira's prediction that we're heading into strong inflation. It is the default political solution, and we can't seem to agree on anything else, so that's what we're going to get. If inflation runs totally out of control, as it just may well, the market will hand our government the spending cuts whether we like it or not.

  4. It is not the wealthy who are draining the lifeblood from government. Government is doing this to itself by metastasizing into its current form. Ordinary citizens are stepping into the void created by our anachronistic government.

    A perfect example is the success rate of the TSA. Their success rate is zero. They have never stopped anyone with nefarious intent from getting on a plane. Every person with nefarious intent has been stopped by passengers.

    Passengers stopped the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber. Passengers on United Flight 93 forced it to crash over a field in Pennsylvania before it arrived at the hijackers' intended target.

    Ordinary citizens are stepping into the void created by our failed public education system. The phenomenon of homeschooling is becoming increasingly mainstream, with the numbers of homeschooled students growing at higher rates every year. Fewer and fewer families homeschool for religious reasons.

    The most likely professionals to homeschool their children? Public school teachers. They know how bad the system is. Parents who were homeschooled as children in the 1980s and 1990s are now homeschooling their own children.

    Students who are homeschooled enter college at higher rates. They achieve higher college grades, hold positions of campus leadership at higher rates, graduate at higher rates, and pursue graduate and postgraduate degrees at higher rates than their non-homeschooled counterparts.

    It is not only citizens who are abandoning government. States are, as well. States ignored federal law in 2005 when Congress passed the Real ID Act, which required states to participate in a national drivers license program. The states just thumbed their noses at the feds and said, "Not gonna do it!"

    Fast forward 5 years. States are working to opt out of the new healthcare law. Legislation is pending in many states that would allow the sale of health insurance across state lines.

    Yesterday the governor of Florida told the federal government neither he nor the citizens of his state want federal high speed rail money. Who is pushing for federal rail money for Florida? One of its senators - a Washington parasite.

    Central government in its current form has outlived it usefulness. The massive amounts of money being borrowed and paid in the form of taxes is unnecessary. The citizens know this. No one on Main Street is $14 trillion in debt. We do not need more government. We need less.

    What we are seeing now is the giant gangrenous beast surrounded by those who will benefit from its resurrection. They are working frantically to breathe new life into it. The hyperinflation you are predicting is a possible consequence of their desperate and futile attempts.

    Government today is the equivalent of the church in the 1500s. It is bloated, corrupt, and permeates every aspect of life. In the 1500s, new ways of thinking about God and the invention of the printing press greatly reduced the power and influence of the church. Those who saw the truth attempted to reform it from within, but it was an institution beyond repair. They ended up abandoning it. The church in its former incarnation became completely unnecessary.

    In our time, the instantaneous availability of information, instantaneous communication, and new ways of thinking about the power of the individual are impacting government in exactly the same ways. Government in its current form has become unnecessary.

    K Smith

  5. "A perfect example is the success rate of the TSA. Their success rate is zero. They have never stopped anyone with nefarious intent from getting on a plane"

    Wow.... just, wow.



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