Friday, February 4, 2011

MIDNIGHT MOVIE: The Utter Foolishness of Bill O’Reilly

God help us all—Bill O’Reilly asks “How’d the moon get there? How’d it get there?”, as if it were an actual question:

(BTW, Mars actually has two moons. The earth’s moon is unusual in the solar system for being the largest relative to its orbiting planet—but it’s not the largest of them all. The largest moon in the solar system, by both mass and volume, is Ganymede, orbiting Jupiter.)

The question isn’t how the moon got to where it is—the real question is, how did someone as foolish as Bill O’Reilly get to the position that he is in.

This is a man whose views and opinions on a wide variety of serious subjects are accepted by a wide swath of the American electorate. Yet this same man is so ignorant—or so blinded by what he believes, and which he insists others must believe as well (sort of like a Massachusetts Muslim Radical)—that he does not accept a perfectly rational, ordinary explanation for the origin of the moon.

Should anyone be listening to such a fool, when there are so many serious problems going on?

(Another BTW: For anyone who might be wondering, here is a video explaining how the moon was “created”:


  1. Oh FFS, is this going to be a recurring feature: The Daily Useless Ad Hominem Rant. This is like the Mish episode all over again sans virgin references. Seriously. Stick to your strong suit: economics. Leave this stuff to Jon Stewart. He's better suited toward it.

  2. Hi from Kansas. GL is obviously tired, perhaps very tired. Weddings and travel can be hard on a good person during times like these.

  3. Didn't watch the whole O'Reily vid but it did seem ridiculous. Maybe O'Reily should have framed his argument about the origin of the universe rather than the origin of the moon! Yep those 30 sec embarrassed me so I turned it off.

  4. I had heard Bill lay this out much more clearly and powerfully on radio several years ago, and it did build from the origin of the universe. He's obviously very tired in the vid. This shouldn't have made it to print.

  5. Gonzalo, please more economic analysis and predictions.
    While O'Reilly has some good points about politics he is totally ignorant of economics or science.
    Every time that he blames speculators for raising prices or talk about any economic topic I turn him off.
    As I guess a large part of his audience does.

  6. I've seen Bill make an ass of himself plenty but I still find myself wanting to ask a lot of the same questions of things and people that he does.


  7. Doug I could not agree more. Ever since going to the hourly G, we are gettign more ranting and less well thought out commentary.

    The commentary has no bearing on what O'Reilly is saying, it is just a rant against the man. Regardless, stick to economics please and leave the schtick(sp?) to Jon Stewart.


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