Monday, January 24, 2011

So After Two Weeks . . . What Do You Think?

It’s been a couple-three weeks since the launch of The Hourly G—so what do you think?

You who are reading this are the core audience of this blog—I haven’t made any effort to publicize it, aside from the static ad on my regular site. You’re my guys—so your opinion is the opinion I value the most.

The goal of this blog is to talk about finance and macroeconomics, but in a short, pithy, simple way. Not simplistic—simple, yet respecting the intelligence of the readers.

So! Taking a cue from the ratings after each post, how would you characterize The Hourly G so far:






All of the above?

None of the above?

Tell me—I very much want to know. Because in the coming weeks, I’ll be expanding the readership of The Hourly G. But I’m very, very interested in getting your thoughts, ideas, criticisms and suggestions. After all, you’re my early adopters—you’re my base. You’re my guys.

So in the comments section below, let ‘er rip!! I’m very much looking forward to learning what you think—in as much detail as necessary.

Thank you.


P.S.: The pictures are of the logo through the design iterations these past couple of weeks. Yes, I will continue to change the background and color scheme of the blog, without modifying the basic design . . . or at least not modifying it much. After all, everything changes, so rather than fight it, embrace it.

The cult of stability is a culture of death.



  1. I have some pretty mixed feelings about you but I still read your blog (;-). However, I hate, I mean REALLY hate, that I have to click to another page to read most of your posts. Please, for the love of humanity, stop this instant! And put the ENTIRE post in your RSS feed, not excerpts. Mish and Denninger both do it, along with LRC and Vox Day. You'd be in very good company.

  2. GL, As I previously stated, this version of your blog is much more engaging, smart and succinct. Much improvement, for those of us with a demanding schedules.
    Great Job

  3. Very good. It's nice to get shorter pieces more often.

  4. I very much like this new format. I've enjoyed your blogs, particularly since they have probably saved my financial butt by making me aware of what's coming in sufficient time to take action. I also like your humor. My only concern is if you can keep up this pace of blogging. Don't wear yourself out! I like the wider range of subjects you can post on using the short format, as well. And I'm enjoying the regular installments of "The Trooper".

  5. I think you're doing great, especially like the 10pm tutes. Your posts here inspire critical thinking and are always enlightening.

  6. I like the shorter length articles...pithy. Keep it up.

  7. Love this shorter daily format. Good variety of topics too. I especially enjoy your writing and sense of humor.

  8. Let me add that I primarily come here to read your financial articles. Your articles help readers dissect and analyze the misinformation we're getting from the mainstream media.

  9. I like the new blog and I hope you are able to keep it up. You have written about a variety of interesting topics.

    I would also second the suggestion to keep the posts all on one page, rather than clicking a link to view the rest of a post. If they are short pieces, they should be able to comfortably fit on the front page.

  10. When I visit your site, it is for your main articles. They are well written, but rather intense and packed with all sorts of facts and ideas, and not a casual read. It usually I have to break it up in to a couple of segments to get a better understanding and stay focused.
    I am somewhat indifferent to the Hourly G. If I have time, I might take a look.

  11. My favorite items:
    1. Long posts about financial and economic issues - EXCELLENT
    2. Short posts about financial and economic issues - EXCELLENT
    3. All other posts - mildly entertaining, I don't have any objection to posts on other issues but I come for the financial writing.

    I like the idea of mixing the long and short posts on a single blog instead of separating them into a "long blog" and a "short blog."

    Your admirer, Katie.

  12. I can only reiterate all of the above - very insightful and easy to digest BUT bloody annoying to read! May I strongly suggest switching to Wordpress instead of Blogger. It's much more flexible and powerful for promoting purposes. If you need help with this, I'd be happy to volunteer my services. Just ask.

    Good luck and thanks.

  13. Hope you don't mind me asking for a tutorial here for you to do.

    Please explain the differences between M1, M2, M3, etc... with some amount of detail so anyone can understand. Possibly could you explain why one might be more useful than an other?

  14. I am enjoying your pieces and hope you don't start tailoring them in any way. It's your originality and "voice" that got us here in the first place. By way of suggestion, I would rather see a list of topics and then, when I click on one, see the entire piece. It's irritating (to me) when I have to click to read the rest. (Read More if You Dare? -- c'mon!) Be who you are -- in public -- that's your responsibility and the reason I'm here. Keep it raw and original. You know how Chinese restaurants gradually unspice their food to be popular to a wider range of western diners? Don't do that!

  15. Tess from Kansas loves the shorts and the overall format of Hourly G, including the 10PM questions----Especially the 10PM questions.

    Thankyou for your hard work.

  16. GL-

    I enjoy the more frequent entries of the Hourly G. Your core blog is excellent, but the length of the articles makes the content difficult to update frequently. This gives more frequent content updates.

    That said, I read only about 1/3 of the articles below the opposed to 75% for the blog I consider my 'home'(Zero Hedge). I prefer the financial content and any alternative analyses, but do not mind the lifestyle content.

    You may want to reduce font size and put more on a screen.

    Anyway, good job - thanks for pulling it together and keeping it fresh.

  17. I like the size of the font.

    I like the part that sometimes comes up to "read more if you dare."

    I liked the paint can top design from your first Hourly G's.

    I also get a lot from the comments your readers provide.

    Tess from Kansas again.

  18. I like it just the way it is with the exception of placing it all on one page.

  19. I LOVE IT! Now when you start to charge for membership... will we (the beloved that held in there during your beta testing, be grandfathered in?) ;-)
    I like the colors etc... but I LOVE your insight, and educated comments on this flourishing economy (Flourishing, said sarcastically)
    Good Luck and keep up the good work!

  20. I love your work and your new blog, I read it every day. keep up the great work!

  21. GL,

    The Hourly G is almost always smart and almost always useful.

    I love both blogs.

    Don't change a thing. Especially, keep the two blogs separate. The GL blog is always serious and in-depth. The HG blog is more entertaining. Each has a distinct flavor. Mixing the two would taste really weird!


  22. Hi Gonzalo,
    Keep up the fantastic work. What you write is grabs issues by the horns and brings a fresh no-holds barred view to them.

    Thank you for cleaning up the Hourly G - the load of the webpage when it just went live was extra slow and now it is very smooth and fast.

    Thank you,

  23. Good format. Don't know if the title fits your actual release schedule anymore. Which is fine. I notice you have the 10 PM tutorial, the Noon cartoon: will you be developing a theme for each hour? The 5 AM freakout. The 6 AM Dawn of hope...

    I like the idea of hybriding the two sites together but ultimately menya vsyo ravno. This format works all in all. Your recent post on bias/Apple is Gold. Should be required reading for all.

    One quibble: I'm not sure I think the first person plural sentence construction works (We here at...) since we all know that it is just you.

    Oh, and I agree re: Wordpress.

  24. Hi Gonzola

    I did like your thorough articles on your first blog. The Hourly G is not my thing. The fonts the colors, the whole layout awful in my opinion. In Zen pureness is the way to... My wish is you will find the way back to the content and the substance

  25. Webpage is very slow. Its really annoying.

  26. Hey G,
    I'm digging your new blog. Wouldn't change a thing. Thank you.

  27. I suppose we all have biases and over time, form opinions and deeper held beliefs on how this mess is going to unravel. My understanding is that you it will be hyperinflationary bust. It would be nice to see you analyse/ talk about events that transpire that make you question your premise of the ultimate outcome. Am in the deflationary bust camp.

    Yes i like your posts, the longer ones better than the shorter ones. And sometimes the gross humor has me falling of my chair in ruptures. Keep it up.

    Anand (buy side, london)


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The cult of stability is a culture of death.