Friday, January 28, 2011

NOON CARTOON: U.S. National Debt Clock

Friend R.U. sent this along—spooky as all get-out:
Read it and weep.


  1. I looked at this debt clock on Monday, and the interest per person was 11,307 now on Friday it is 11,321.

    I mean WTF $14 in a week per US citizen; this is unsustainable, but painfully amusing.

    Even if you take the total National Assets of the USA at $72.5T and unfunded liabilities of $112.3T there would not be enough money left over after the sale of the USA to pay its debts.

    Even World total GDP for 2011 is $65.4T.

  2. Red light, green light, go grey.....the colors alone were challenging and distracting to Miss Kansas here.

    Assets per citizen:$232,548 - I wonder how long it will take for that value to drop in half! or worse?

    Gold ounces per country: USA at 286,902,198 ounces. Is that a figure that can be verified? Are they including my gold ounces too? I hope not. I don't like sharing!


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