Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The ‘flation Debate—Stoneleigh vs. Lira

The world is going to hell—the only question is, will it be a deflationary hell? Or a hyperinflationary hell?

That’s what the debate’s going to be about:

It’ll be a live online event at 9pm EST on February 10.

The official announcement is next Monday, but for fans of The Hourly G, here’s the link to sign up.


  1. Just in

    Italian authorities have confiscated $20 billion in counterfeit U.S. government bonds.

    Love the blog, long time reader first time poster.


  2. Stoneleigh vs. Lira, I'm down with this match up!

  3. This is called:

  4. Hello Gonzalo,

    Love reading your blog. Is it possible that we can have both Hyperinflation and deflation as well? (For instance as US housing prices continue to slide while the costs of food and energy rise?)


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