Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Easiest—and Hardest—Places on Earth to File Taxes

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Which countries have the hardest tax compliance codes? Which have the easiest? Researchers at PricewaterhouseCoopers in conjuction with the World Bank figured it out, using a hypothetical flower-pot manufacturing company as the test experiment: They shoved its financials through 183 countries, to see which was easiest, and which hardest.

The results are here. It’s a fascinating tid-bit, complete with ranking by ease of compliance, tax rates, etc. Everything is based on the identical hypothetical business, 183 countries ranked from top to bottom.

If you’re curious, the United States was ranked 62 in term of ease of tax filing, and had a total tax rate of 46.8%. The UK had was ranked 16th, and had a total tax rate of 37.3%. Canada was ranked 10th, and had a total tax rate of 29.2%—those damned Canadians! Learn to pronounce “out”, you Socialist losers!

Anyway, check out the list.

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  1. Something is wrong when Afghanistan has a better tax system than the USA.

    Afghanistan pays a TTR of 36.4%
    USA pays a TTR of 46.8%

    Thats a whole 10.4% less tax they pay.

    I suppose they pay less because they have no huge military costs, other than the hundred or so Taliban, whereas the USA has to pay for the 94 thousand troops it has in Afghanistan.

    Freedom and Liberty comes at a cost it seems.


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